Artist Amir Baradaran is doing a video project in 6,300 New York taxi cabs, and if you’re lucky enough to hail one of them — and if you’re paying attention — you might just catch one of the most interesting urban interventions in quite a while.

--Sarah Douglas, ARTINFO

Baradaran wonders whether AR technology, which superimposes digital effects over photography, might be a viable medium for artists... The artist made his case last night-for a one-night event-with the performance/release of a manifesto on the subject, FutARism....

--Michael Slenske, Art in America

Firebrand scholar and activist, Amir Baradaran has added a third hat to his collection, that of visual artist and it’s one with many feathers… er, bristles. His canvases, bold with sweeping gesture, rich texture and fastidious detail, reveal a complex heritage and a promising future.

--Thomas Waugh, Concordia University

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